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Personal Quote: "Humankind cannot bear much reality." - T.S Eliot
Name three of your characters:

1. Kyoda Butsukeru [KUH-YO-DUH  BOO-sue-care-roo]
2. Eden Kastle [EE-den CAST-LEE]
3. Elixaynder Wolfgang


1. Where did you get those names? What inspired them?

Kyoda: Vizard character from an OC Bleach Guild on Her name, fully (Kyoda Butsukeru) means 'Bang, bang' in japanese. And I kind of wanted her to be some sort of badass chick that was hot as hell. And I got her to be that person. (:

Eden Kastle: I wanted a name that was different. I really liked the name Aiden and the sound of it, but like all the other characters of WCDTCC, I wanted it to be spelled differently. So I went with EDEN, and just changed the pronounciation. Her last name is still in works, but it suffices for now.

Elixaynder Wolfgang: I absolutely LOVE this name. I really liked the name Alexander, but I had a girl character/role at the time. So instead of doing Alexandria or Alexandra, I went with Elix. Elix is a nice name in my opinion and REALLY DIFFERENT. Which I totally love. So Elixaynder became the name. I changed the spelling to make it unique and I really like the name Wolfgang. I'm so lame, I know.

2. Name one favorite feature for each:

Kyoda: She's changing. And always fun to play as. Her red hair too.
Eden: Uniqueness & Hair.
Elixaynder: Her name.

3. Name one favorite physical feature for each:
Kyoda: Face
Eden: Hair
Elixaynder: Tattoos

4. Gay, bi, straight, trans? And do they have a lover?

Kyoda: Straight. She has..uhh...affections but she wouldn't call them lovers. She is flirtacious and all, but she doesn't like. stay with one guy forever. You could call her and one guy an item I suppose, but she doesn't call it that since they both go bang other people. But they aren't friends with benefits either. They are closer than that. So It's hard to explain.
Eden: She will & she's straight. Jimmy really likes her, but she doesn't like him because he's a player. (: Once I bring in another character, she may. Hahahaha.
Elixaynder: She's straight and single. There was a time when she was a detective that she started to care for a certain detective too (her partner) but there were plenty of situations with that. It just didn't work out too well.

5. Which one do you like best? Why?

Kyoda: She's always changing. Like. I'd go through periods where I think I'm done tweeking her, but when I go back I see how much I can develop her, make her better than she is already and like. Make her more realistic in a fantasy world.

6. What is #1's astrological sign?
Kyoda: Scorpio. October 31st.

7. What is #3's favorite pastime?
Elixaynder: She enjoys drinking coffee/liquor far too much and being on her laptop. (:

8. If you had to use one word to describe #2?
Eden: Bait. LOL.

9. If you could pair up any of the three, for any reason, who and why?
Kyoda & Elixaynder: They'd absolutely HATE one another because they are so alike, but they would get shit done pretty freaking quick.

10. Who has the most interesting sexual kink?
Elixaynder: Just cause she's a bit of a freak and likes variety. hahaha.

11. Who has the worst possible habit?
Elixaynder: Laptop and driving at the same time with a cell phone. Baddd.

12. Do any of them have siblings? Details.

Kyoda: When she was living, she had several siblings in which she was to take care of them all. They were all children with different looks aside from a pair of twins her mother gave birth to. Why were they all different? Her mother was a prostitute. So she had to take care of the kids while her mother whored herself out for money and pleasure.

Eden: She's an only child. But Reice is like her brother as well as the rest of her band mates. They are super close, but Eden grew up in an orphanage.

Elixaynder: She has several older brothers. They are allll a pain in the ass but they all absolutely LOVE Elix and one of them has a sister complex.

13. #3's eye color?
Elixaynder: Green

14. #1's height?
Kyoda: Five foot six-seven.

15. Does #2 have a phobia?
Eden: Thunderstorms.

16. One word: Porn. Any thoughts?

Kyoda: She could make her own. Hahaha and make billions.
Eden: Unattractive.
Elixaynder: I'm with the PD.

17. Pick someone to pick on, for any reason:

Eden, fucking virgin demon bride. bahahahahaha.

18. And now for the lightning round! I'll say something , you say who would, does or comes to mind.

-- Assless leather chaps.

-- Snores.

-- Piercings!

-- Panties!

-- Sun tans, naked.

-- Has a pet:
Eden & Elix

-- Plays music or sings:

-- Tattoos?
Kyoda & Eden

-- Collects something weird:

-- Has a huge secret:

19. Last but not least, what would be the most life-changing event ever to happen to each of them (positive or negative)? Will it happen/has it happened?

Kyoda: She falls in love. It kinda has happened, but like, she's stupid and absolutely denies it.
Eden: Her boyfriend is a demon prince and his brother wants him dead while he wants to rape and eat her. She's supposed to get married to the demon prince to balance out the trauma that's happening to his world and what will happen to her own.
Elixaynder: If she finally settles down. Ever.

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